Cannabis Compliant Solutions For Any Cannabis Business

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

The number of dispensaries in the state of Colorado has dramatically increased in the last ten years. Throughout this time, changes in the requirements by the state have changed the way that dispensaries do business and operate their facility.

At Mountain Elite Security, we are fully trained in the latest cannabis compliant requirements. Our level of knowledge of the current regulations and requirements ensures that your business is always in compliance.

The Process

We use cannabis compliant solutions that meet the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) standards for both medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. Our experts and consultants are constantly training on any changes the state makes in its statutes and the rules while also implementing those requirements in the businesses we serve.

This allows our customers to focus on building their cannabis business while we focus on cannabis compliant solutions that ensure they are up to date. We have over a decade of experience providing security and compliance solutions to cannabis businesses throughout Colorado.

Full-Service Asset Protection

Options to Consider

Flexible and customized, our cannabis compliance solutions are tailored to the state requirements and the needs of our customers. We offer onsite security with our highly trained security guards and an array of advanced technology to secure the property.

We install compliant alarm systems, security cameras, and access controls, as well as ensure security footage backup to assist local law enforcement if needed. Combined with onsite security guards, this provides a comprehensive and fully compliant security plan for your Grand Junction business.

To ensure your dispensary is compliant with current regulations, call us today at 970-401-8288 or send us a message online.