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When it comes to protecting your most precious assets, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we tailor our solutions to match and evolve with your business needs.

Mountain Elite Security

Customized Dispensary Security Solutions In Grand Junction

We provide dispensary security services in and around Grand Junction. The number of thefts and problems in dispensaries continues to increase with the legalization of marijuana throughout the state. While the state requires all dispensaries to have a security alarm system in place, this does not address theft, shoplifting, and the risk of threats to employees and customers during business hours.

Mountain Elite Security offers a customized approach to providing the onsite security you need for your cannabis business. We can provide a complete risk analysis of the business, including identifying any areas in the dispensary that are vulnerable to shoplifters and thieves.

Our Security Staff

The dispensary security services offered by Mountain Elite Security start with our highly trained security guards. These professionals have the experience and training to assess risk, handle situations proactively, and work in conjunction with local law enforcement for optimal property protection.

We begin the process with a consultation to understand your concerns and to provide information on any vulnerabilities or risks. We also discuss your security needs to ensure the best protection and deterrent possible for your dispensary.

Customized Access Control Plans

Compliance Support

In addition, our dispensary security services focus on current compliance requirements as set forth by the state. This knowledge of onsite security for the cannabis industry can lower your businesses risk of fines or being found out of compliance with the ever-changing regulations.

The security professionals at Mountain Elite Security are here for your cannabis business and dispensary security needs. To learn more about our dispensary security services, call us at 970-401-8288 or message us online.

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